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Improves digestion.

Prevents Anemia.

Helps in liver detoxification.

Improves immunity.

Boosts energy.

Traditional desserts – holige, payasa (kheer), pongal.

Traditional alcoholic drinks – palm wine.

Sweetener – Tea, coffee.

Natural dying of fabrics.

Used as Toothpaste.

Cattle feed.

Religious use.

Hunting bait – to attract animals.

One Serving size: 100 gms


 Per Serving


65-85 g
Fructose and glucose10 - 15 g
0.4 g
0.1 g
11 g
70 - 90 mg
1050 mg
0.2 - 0.5  mg

Jaggery (Bella) is superfood sweetener used in Asia, Africa and some regions of America. India produces 70% of total world jaggery making it the largest producer and consumer of jaggery. Jaggery is produced by pressing and refining the cane juice. The process involves 3 steps: Juice is extracted from the canes; The juice is then kept in large containers till the sediment sinks to the bottom; The juice is then boiled until dough-like paste is formed which is then transferred to molds to cool. Ideally jaggery should have even dark brown color. The yellow color of the jaggery is due to the chemicals added to change its color and sweetness. The minerals in it give a saltier taste. Saltier the taste, less fresh is the jaggery. Dark brown color and salty taste ensures pure jaggery. Jaggery has fair amounts of proteins and minerals. It is great source vitamin B. It is healthy substitute to sugar and that is why there is a high demand and availability of organic jaggery in Bangalore. It would be easier to buy organic jaggery online.

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