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Hygienically processed fresh, stone-milled Wheat flour. ,  Get your grains freshly milled, as per your preference, in a stone-milled chakki. No Preservatives.Chemicals 

Jivabhumi  Cold Pressed & Organic Range of Flours

We always and only use 100% organic wheat procured from organic certified farms, with absolutely no compromise on quality!

More importantly, Our Kacchi Ghani is unique as we chose to use a wooden pestle over a metallic one. This has many impacts on the quality of the oil and the process of extracting the oil.

There are 2 things that differentiate Jivabhumi Flour with other Chakki flour.

1. We use Natural Stone and NOT Emery stone which decomposes over time and into your flour.

2. Our Atta is "Genuinely" Cold Pressed (at 100 RPM) which avoids nutrition loss due to the generation of Heat, unlike the popular high speed machines.

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