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EcoSwachh 3R TM -Natural Surface Cleaner is the best alternative for cleaning all type of floors and surfaces. It is concentrated blend of two prominent natural surfactants, Soap nut and Shikakai along with bioactive principles from Moringa (Moringa Oleifera) which has proven antimicrobial property. EcoSwachh 3R Natural Surface Cleaner will remove dirt and scuff marks from the floor (surface) without a smearing or residue, leaving a long-lasting fragrance. Regular use of EcoSwachh 3R TM Natural Surface Cleaner reduces chemicals intervention in our daily lifestyle and minimise the release of chemical load to environment.


Aqueous extract of active botanical surfactants - 98%, Natural thickening agents, Food grade preservatives, and fragrance– 2%


1. For Floor and Bathroom Surfaces: Use one cap full of the EcoSwachh 3R Natural Surface Cleaner in about half a bucket of water (about 5 Litre) and mop on the surface.

2. For Kitchen Surfaces: Apply undiluted on sticky and greasy kitchen slabs, rub it for few seconds, leave it for 10 minutes and clean.

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