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EcoSwachh 3R TM -Natural Dish Wash is concentrated extract of super quality Soap nuts and other botanical surfactants with active principles from Lemon and Tamarind.

Unique features:

Natural and safe to wash, removes sticky food, food smell, oil residues, stains etc. and retains the quality of utensils. Safe on hands, mild on skin. Easy to use, Low foam formulation, hence consumes less water for rinsing & watering of utensils. Regular use of EcoSwachh 3R TM Natural Dish Wash reduces chemicals intervention in our daily lifestyle and minimise the release of chemical load to environment.


Aqueous solution of active botanical surfactants - 95%, Active principles from Lemon and Tamarind - 3%, Natural thickening agents, Food grade preservatives, and flavours – 2%


Add 10 ml (Approximately two tea spoons) of EcoSwachh 3R TM Natural Dish Wash into a bowl and dilute with water as needed. Mix the solution well and use the soft scrubber for good lather while cleaning. For tough grease apply the product to the scrubber and use directly on the utensil.

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